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Columbaria and Cremation Garden Design

Dependent on the client’s needs and constraints within their cemetery, CF Gorski has completed various projects in cemeteries to provide for columbaria units and garden designs that meet local demographic demands and provide facilities for the growing cremation market. CF Gorski has integrated new and existing shrine/garden features with custom designed columbarium niche units in many settings. We can provide conceptual drawings and alternative analysis with return on investment (ROI) calculations for clients, so they can make informed decisions on investments within their facilities to accommodate the cremation markets. We have also provided visualization drawings, or 3-D renderings of what the garden and columbarium features would look like within their cemetery. These realistic drawings are also key to providing interest in pre-construction sales, or marketing of a new feature for a particular cemetery.

Please follow this link to our sample columbarium project to see your revenue generation potential.



Burial Section Development

Interaction with the client is critical throughout this type of a project, since it is only by learning your specific site constraints, practices and type of clients that we can design a cemetery layout that satisfies your cemetery’s current and future needs including such factors as: grave sizing, roadway placement, soil composition, landscape preferences; site setbacks, grading and drainage, as well as traffic flow patterns and accommodation of cemetery maintenance equipment. At the conclusion of this type of project, the client will receive a detailed layout plan showing all the site features, which could include grave layout, landscaping, shrine features, numbering systems, and total lots created.


Topographical Survey

This process utilizes advanced survey equipment and trained personnel to map all of the pertinent land features in your cemetery, including: contour intervals (elevations), trees, roadways, drainage systems, streams, and existing burial areas. This will allow us to develop a digital site survey (considered a base map of the site) plan which will be used to engineer the most practical site designs as per the client’s requirements


Site Work

Upon client approval of a design we can prepare construction documents (if required) to be used for the construction of any needed roadway, grading, and drainage systems, and facilitate plans approval by required agencies to obtain certain permits required. Once the bids have been accepted and a contractor has been chosen, we can provide construction management throughout the construction process and would provide the client with progress reports at certain construction phase milestones.



Lot Layout

Once a final site plan has been developed with a client and a burial section plan finalized, we can then mark or “pin” each of the grave lots using identifiable markers in each of the corners of the grave lot to ensure accurate grave placement using a layout strategy as agreed by the client. We can also integrate these layout features with your existing grave layout numbering system to ensure seamless integration with you existing and proposed cemetery systems and to match back-office database software.


Building & Plan Review Services

Integrating C.F Gorski's collective Structural, Civil and Facilities Engineering experience, the results have provided our clients with exceptional judgment, insight, engineering and management experience and success. C.F Gorski's brings the same commitment and passion for excellence to our Building & Plan Review Services currently provided to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. C.F. Gorski assists the Catholic Cemeteries to ensure private mausoleum owners’ vendors and contractors abide by the Regulations and minimum design criteria. Engineering reviews are conducted by and under the direct supervision of professional licensed engineers.



ADA & Accessibility Review and Evaluation Services

C.F. Gorski Associates has conducted independent compliance assessments of structures in cemeteries. The purposes of assessments were to ensure compliance with the applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  CF Gorski tasks on prior projects consisted of means and methods necessary to upgrade both the interior (restroom, hallway, office, etc.) and exterior (parking, accessible route, vestibule, etc.) facilities to current ADA standards. Along with completion of the Federal Access Board's ADA facility checklist, assessments were complemented with a full Engineer's opinion of probable costs to provide a complete project evaluation and applicable conceptual site plans showing improvements necessary.

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