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Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemeteries, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Cheltenham, PA

Steel Maintenance Building Project - This project included the design of site and foundation plans for a 25’x55’ steel storage building. CF Gorski design work included local municipality submissions and permits, as well as the construction of the foundation and the design & construction of a storm water seepage basin. Additionally, CF designed the electrical/mechanical system plan for the building. Additional CF Gorski work included the installation of a new electrical service to all maintenance buildings and design/install of an infrared electric heating and control system within the building. CF construction consultation included liaison work with building erector and site contractor to complete final grading, drainage and paving work.


Steel building footing layout and excavation work.

Concrete block foundation completed and compaction of floor sub-base.

Final grading and paving completed around new building


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