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St Mary’s of the Assumption Church, Blackrock Cemetery, Phoenixville, PA

a. Roadway and Security Improvements – This project involved upgrading Black Rock Cemetery’s existing roadway and adding security features. The client wanted to repair and widen the deteriorated existing roadway system with new asphalt pavement to make the cemetery more attractive and add security fencing. CF Gorski designed new pavement, using standard AASHTO practices, and prepared a construction plan, cost estimate and quantity calculations to be used by a contractor for bidding purposes. CF Gorski provided construction management and oversight of the contractor during the project.

The client and Phoenixville Borough wanted to install a perimeter fence and gate system to limit trespassers from entering the cemetery after hours. CF Gorski worked with the client to select a design and facilitated the permitting process with the borough of Phoenixville. Plans were prepared for permitting and for use by the fencing contractor as well as surveying conducted for locating property boundaries.

b. Section D Burial Development – The Cemetery wanted to expand the existing cemetery with standard burial lots to create more revenue on a 1.2 acre parcel in the back the cemetery. CF Gorski developed a Section plan to include over 450 single-depth, double-grave lots with over 80 cremation plots. CF crews conducted the survey and layout of all grave locations and installed rebar pins, stakeouts for trees, and install concrete range markers. Additionally, a future circulation road plan was developed along the back of this new section that would permit the use of the far corner of the property to be developed for a key cremation/columbarium garden feature. Conceptual plans were developed of the cremation garden. Additionally, CF coordinated with the borough of Phoenixville to remove/relocate a water main on the back end of the cemetery property so the cemetery could develop this parcel.


Existing narrow deteriorated cemetery roadway.


Typical widened and repaved roadway adjacent to new
Section D burial plots.

New chain-link fencing and access gate.


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