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Saint Joseph on the Brandywine Cemetery, Greenville, DE

Columbarium Garden Conceptual Design – This project included the design of a wye shaped double-sided columbarium unit to be placed in a triangular parcel bounded by roads within the existing cemetery.

This unique shaped parcel was a driver in the ultimate design of the columbaria, which was a multi-tiered wye shaped unit. The parish was provided with prior design concepts that put three separate rectangular columbaria units at the roadway edges on all three sides of the triangle with an interior reflection area. The CF Gorski design wanted to remove the likelihood of the vehicles using the roadway system that could potentially run into these units - given the close proximity to the edge of roadway; CF selected a radial design (wye) which would keep the unit away from the edges of the parcel.

CF Gorski worked with Eickhof Columbaria, Inc. to introduce a modular columbarium design. Curbs and ADA ramps were designed along all three sides of the parcel to provide proper access and to protect the visitors in these area but which also created three separate areas around the columbarium to add to the intimacy and sense of space for the site. This three-sided approach could allow the cemetery to provide for various statuettes or a trinity arrangement within the sections.

CF Gorski provided the cemetery with a comprehensive costing report with various alternatives for the build-out of this unit and Return on Investment (ROI) figures. The unit could be designed in stages where by all of the site work could be incorporated in the first phase (foundations, curbs, paver work) - with an initial section of columbaria to conserve costs, and then subsequent tiered stages could be added as revenue is generated to finish the legs of the wye and complete the project. CF Gorski provided visualization renderings of all three options for the client which would provide for key marketing and pre-sales generation literature.


Triangular area under consideration for columbarium garden.


Conceptual visualization of proposed columbarium build-out.


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