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Saint Martin of Tours Cemetery, New Hope, PA

Traditional Burials and Cremation Garden Development – This project included the design and layout of approximately a fifth acre parcel for double-grave lots and a columbarium/cremation garden in an existing parish cemetery.

The client was looking to utilize undeveloped space at the rear of the more than 200 year old cemetery for traditional burials and add accommodations for cremated remains in order to meet the demand of their local parishioners.

CF Surveyed the undeveloped parcels and provided design plans for traditional 170 single-depth double-grave lots and 80 single-grave lots which were restricted by the underlying rock strata in this area. CF also designed a garden that combined approximately 100 in-ground cremation lots with slant and flat marker monuments; additionally we worked with Christiansen Granite, a local monument detailer, for the design, procurement and install of two modular columbarium units with 24 niches. CF incorporated existing adjacent stone wall elements into the design as well as an existing garden feature as per the client’s request.

CF designed plans that included plot, elevation and foundation plans for the garden. Additionally, CF provided 3-D visualization renderings of the conceptual garden layout for use by the parish in marketing and ultimately sales to generate revenue for this income-stagnate cemetery.


Visualization of final cremation garden design exhibiting burial plots, walkways, prefabricated granite columbaria.

Construction of stone columns and columbarium foundation

Actual Photo of final garden

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