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Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemeteries, Resurrection Cemetery,
Bensalem, PA

Soil Management and Dirt Dump Relocation Project – This long-term project included the design of a controlled filling operation with an E&S plan that manages the runoff and site access for the relocated dirt dumping operation within the cemetery for a projected 12-year time frame. The anticipated development of the current 40-acre dump site, in the northern corner of the cemetery, has required that a new dump area be established in part of an undeveloped area of the cemetery.

As with other cemetery sites, the client was concerned with the ever increasing liability and responsibilities of managing on-site fill operations in a controlled manner within the cemeteries to decrease run-off and increase environmental stewardship. Previous practices were uncontrolled which allowed for soils to migrate into sensitive watershed areas and drainage systems and be susceptible to possible scrutiny by local municipalities and environmental agencies who are becoming increasingly proactive in the enforcement of environmental regulations for cemeteries.

For this project, CF Gorski developed a grading plan that would add a varying layer of fill to this 12 acre undeveloped area of the cemetery with proper erosion and sediment controls and one access point from the existing roadway system in the cemetery. Additionally, a large portion of the underbrush was cleared to manage vegetation and soil placement.

This development plan also allowed the cemetery and local law enforcement to gain improved access and increased visibility to this part of the cemetery that frequently exhibits vandalism and trespassers - which will allow the cemetery to better mitigate this problem. CF worked with Bensalem Township and with the Bucks County Conservation District to gain permits for clearing and approval of the long-term plan and continues to manage the project for the Diocese.

  New access road with dirt dumping area to previously non-accessible section of cemetery

Milling stockpile

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