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Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Cemeteries, Calvary Cemetery,
West Conshohocken, PA

Section 15 Site Development – This project included the design and development of a 1.5 acre tract of land for burial lots in an existing section of the cemetery. CF was responsible for survey, regrading, drainage and final mark out of burial lots.

The southern area of this section was partially developed with graves; the undeveloped portion of the section was under fill for about 10 years which during that time an existing tributary was diverted to allow for infill of the area.

CF Gorski worked with the client to develop a plan that incorporated extensions of the existing ranges into the new area for consistency, and added two-grave lots to this section.

A site contouring/drainage plan was developed which included tie-ins and extensions of existing drainage infrastructure with the incorporation of new inlets. CF provided site survey and project management with the grading contractor during site work as well as designed and deployed Best Management Practices (BMPs) for erosion and sediment control during the project.

CF surveyed and marked approximately 650 graves and marked tree locations and provided final plans to the cemetery for sales and burial crews before the opening of this section.

  Final grading operation with erosion and sediment controls in place.

Final lot mark-out completed with new trees installed and grass growth

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